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Professional Visa

A 2 years professional employment contract for expatriate and skilled workers of oversea countries such as China, India & Philippine. Skilled workers comprises of tool & die, mould, machinist, lathe, turning, milling, grinding, boring, CNC QC, CNC QA, chef, ceramic, mechanic and etc.


  1. Cost saving to employer.

  2. Employer may get a long term service worker.

  3. Increase and stabilize the productivity of the company.



  1. Company must be a limited Corporation.

  2. Paid up capital of the Company must be RM200,O00.00 and above.


List Of Documents Required For The Application

  1. Company authorization letter.

  2. Completed DP 10 Form.

  3. Company application letter.

  4. A copy of the latest Form 9, 24,49 (Certified by CCM) & M&A

  5. Company Search in CCM.

  6. Company organization chart.

  7. For foreign investor, bank in slip must be provided.

  8. Applicant must be 25 years old and above

  9. Professional certificate of the applicant.

  10. Photocopy of director’s I/C.

  11. Photo of factory.

  12. Passport of applicant. (Full set photocopy)

  13. Passport size photo of applicant. (6 pieces)


Question and Answer
1. How long is the contract period? 2 years
2. How many years can a skilled worker work for the employer? Up to a maximum of 6 years subject to mutual agreement and the latest government’s rules and regulations.
3. Which origin country the skilled workers come from? They come from China, India & Philippine.
4. Who is qualified to apply for the skilled worker and what is the requirement? It must be a limited corporation and minimum paid up capital must be RM200,000.00 and above.
5. How many skilled workers can be applied by a company? Total number of workers can be applied is based on the total paid up capital of the company.
6. How much salary does employer has to pay to the skilled workers? Minimum salary is RM1 ,500.00 but depending on the experience and qualification.
7. How long the whole process will take? About 3-4 months. (1 —2 months in sourcing the candidate and 1 ½ months to get approval.)
8. How to select those skilled workers? To select by interviewing in their origin country or by VCD or CV selection.
9. What is the responsibilities of the employer? The employer must provide basic amenities and accommodation to the skilled workers.
10. What should the employer do when skilled workers runaway? First report to the agency to seek advice on making police report and to notice the Immigration.


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